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Pest Control Company Archdale

EnFocus Pest Prevention, a premier Pest Control Company Archdale, is unwaveringly committed to excellence in pest management. We prioritize customer satisfaction, offering prompt, efficient, and environmentally responsible solutions. Our skilled professionals, armed...

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Pest Control Service Archdale

EnFocus Pest Prevention exceeds conventional pest control norms. Our devoted team takes pride in delivering personalized services tailored to your concerns. Conducting meticulous inspections and implementing targeted treatments, we are unwavering in our commitment t...

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Pest Control Archdale

Discover tranquility with EnFocus Pest Prevention! Entrust your peace of mind to our all-encompassing Pest Control Archdale solutions, safeguarding your residence or business from unwelcome intruders. Our adept technicians utilize cutting-edge methodologies to discern and e...

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Pest Management Service Archdale

Explore the EnFocus difference through our all-encompassing Pest Management Service, Archdale. Tailoring our approach to suit your distinct residential or commercial needs is our forte. Comprising a team of dedicated experts, we are committed to delivering contin...

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Pest Control Archdale

Finding a reliable solution is crucial when pests invade your home or business in Archdale. EnFocus Pest Prevention is your go-to source for comprehensive Pest Control in Archdale. As a locally-owned company, we understand the unique challenges pests pose in this area and o...

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Pest Control Service Archdale

Discovering pests in your home or business can be unsettling, but EnFocus Pest Prevention is here to provide a swift and effective Pest Control Service in Archdale. Our experienced team is dedicated to delivering top-notch service to address your specific pest issue...

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Pest Control Company Archdale

In the dynamic environment of Archdale, having a trusted Pest Control Company is essential for maintaining a healthy and comfortable living or working space. EnFocus Pest Prevention is proud to be your go-to source for professional pest control services. As a local ...

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Pest Management Archdale

Effective Pest Management is essential for preserving the integrity of your home or business in Archdale. EnFocus Pest Prevention takes pride in being a leader in Pest Management services, offering comprehensive solutions to keep your space pest-free. Our experienced tec...

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Pest Management Service Archdale

When it comes to maintaining a pest-free environment in Archdale, EnFocus Pest Prevention stands out as your premier Pest Management Service. Our team of experienced technicians is committed to providing comprehensive solutions that go beyond traditional pest con...

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3 months ago
EnFocus Pest Prevention is excellent service with a positive attitude. They want to get the job done right. They are very responsive and always on time. I highly recommend them.
- Sharon B
a year ago
I have been using EnFocus Pest Prevention for almost 2 years and I'm very satisfied with their work. They are very professional and through. All my pest problems are a thing of the past.
- Joseph G
a year ago
We have been using EnFocus Pest Prevention for almost two years and we have been extremely satisfied with the work and knowledge Hayden has! We have been very lucky to have him come and address our concerns and needs when it comes to our home inside and out. I have highly encouraged others to take on his service and they have not been let down! 10 out of 10
- Amber C

The Premier Pest Prevention Company

Are you suffering from an overwhelming pest invasion? You need to enlist pest control services in Archdale, NC to help you manage your situation.

In this case, EnFocus Pest Prevention is your go-to destination for stellar outcomes. In addition to our outstanding expertise, our contractors have excellent attention to detail, ensuring we do the job right the first time.

We understand that pests can be not only very annoying but also embarrassing. That's why we only work with fully trained experts to guarantee high-quality work.

For over 45 years, our company has been helping Archdale residents with pest prevention and management. Kindly continue reading to learn more about how we can help you manage pests at home. Also, you'll learn why you should choose us.

Controlling Termites
Termites are common pests, and their presence can be very destructive. Therefore, as a property owner, working with experts to prevent and control them is a noble duty. And when it comes to Pest Management Archdale, you don’t want to hire just anyone you come across to work on your project.

We have provided pest control services for over 45 years, making us the sought-after pest control and management company.

When doing termite control services, we employ the following strategies;

Curative Treatments
Curative treatments include a liquid treatment that has to be made at the site of active termites. This treatment will also include a bait system installed with the best bait system available.

We’re keen when selecting the suitable bait system because, in addition to our desire to deliver the best Pest Management Services Archdale, our technicians understand that each case is unique and will work diligently to guarantee stellar outcomes.

Preventive Treatment
With preventative treatments, our system will vary and be purely up to customer choice. The choice of liquid or a bait system install is completely up to you.

Our work ensures that we deliver services every client takes pride in. Our years of experience and attention to detail set us apart among pest control companies in Archdale and the surrounding areas.

Our preventive treatment approach will ensure that we handle the pests thoroughly before they become destructive.

Also, we offer pre-construction treatments to help people protect their homes and business premises.

Our services continue beyond already purchased homes or rentals because, with a pre-construction treatment, we will stop the termites before they ever become an issue. 

Treating Powder Post Beetles and Other Wood Borers
When you enlist our Pest Control Company Archdale, the first thing that we will have to do is reduce your home's wood moisture percentage to less than 20% or, ideally, less than 18%. This type of treatment will be done together with a moisture barrier.

Enfocus Home and Business Solutions ® may also recommend other measures to reduce this or ensure it never becomes a problem again. Secondly, a borate will be applied to the wood, and the wood will welcome this type of chemical openly as it will penetrate the wood easily.

Preventing and Treating Carpenter Ants
Carpenter ants are destructive little pests, too, and many people often damage homes. During our Pest Control Archdale, we employ active infestation treatments. 

Identifying the nest location, size, and how they go outside to inside are all important to controlling carpenter ants on or in the structure. With the ability to apply dust or liquid termiticides that control carpenter ants, the nest is sure to be neutralized during treatment.    

We observe safety measures to ensure that you and your family are safe from these liquid termiticides.

Moisture Control
Controlling moisture in or under the home, or sometimes even around it, are very important steps to take to keep the home pest free.

Everyone worries water might draw in ants, mosquitoes, or roaches, but they bring in the silent home demolishers responsible for millions of dollars in damage repair every year.

For moisture-controlling options or other services, working with top Pest Management Companies Archdale, like EnFocus Pest Prevention, is the best decision homeowners can make.  

In addition to working with top-rated contractors, we have the correct equipment to get the job done right the first time.

Why Choose Us
As you can tell, with the emphasis on termites, we don't take the situation lightly. We understand that termites are nothing to play around with; they do so much damage to homes in the U.S. each year.

And that’s why you wouldn't want to protect your home from becoming a victim. But we are not here to fearmonger you but to help and protect you. At the time of initial, we may see it best to provide a pest control service in Archdale then the peak winter month of your first year or at the end of your first year.

Or if your home has already been treated in the last five years, we will provide annual inspections each year until you have another treatment!

Also, with our Nexus System, you don't have to worry about paying another absurdly costed termite treatment again. We will always ensure the home is termite free, and if they pop up under our watch, it is dealt with on the spot. 

Unlike other companies, our Pest Control Company Archdale doesn't offer lowballs only to charge more after winning a contract. We stick to our agreement because we value our reputations in addition to our transparency and honesty.

Most of our past clients pose us as the most reliable Pest Management Company Archdale and the surrounding areas. For instance, when it's raining, you might think a service would get canceled; that's not always the case. With granules that are either made to be bait or made to dissolve in water, we always have a way of making the service work any other day.

Also, we conduct an annual inspection after applying chemicals and a barrier of granules during the fall and early winter. This gives us a lot of extra time to inspect the home thoroughly once a year for any changes that may have occurred over the year that we have not noticed. 

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